Last post, we discussed various fusion standards and how the ISO High Force standard in particular — an option that is achievable with McElroy equipment — can produce twice as many fusion welds per day with less cooling time required.

Today, we would like to highlight the McElroy machine features that make the large-diameter pipe fusion process even more productive. These special features allow us to produce three times as many fusion welds a day as other machines using the ISO Low Force standard.

These are some of the main features of McElroy machines that are designed to save time and effort:

Hydraulic Jaws 
McElroy: The machine is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system to power the jaws which clamp easily around the pipe quickly and safely.
Standard hydraulic machine: In this case, each of the 8 jaw clamps must be tightened by the operator manually one at a time, which takes more time and increases fatigue; loosening the clamps manually is equally time-consuming.

Hydraulic Facer 
McElroy: The Facer movement is also hydraulically powered; only a few seconds are needed to operate, lower and raise the facer.
Standard hydraulic machine: With the standard machines, extra equipment such as a crane must be used to put on and take off the facer; this process also requires a lot of time and is more dangerous for the operator.

Hydraulic Pivoting Heater
McElroy: The heater, the same as the facer, is powered hydraulically which allows the operator to easily move it into place in seconds.
Standard hydraulic machine: Auxiliary equipment is needed here as well in order to put the heater in and take it out, adding more time to the task.

In addition to the time saved during the fusion process, the McElroy machine has other added benefits that save time between fusions:

Self-Propelled & All-Terrain 
McElroy: The McElroy machines are self-propelled on a rugged, track system that can travel across most any rough terrain; these vehicles can move independently from one fusion to the next.
Standard hydraulic machine: This machine must be loaded and moved by truck each time it needs to change locations on the jobsite, which takes extra time.

McElroy: These machines are completely self-contained with an on-board generator; they have everything needed to generate electricity and hydraulic power on their own.
Standard hydraulic machine: The standard machines require an external power source; an electric generator must be hauled around separately each time the machine is moved.

The differences between a McElroy fusion machine and a standard hydraulic machine are striking. The time required to operate the hydraulically-powered jaws, facer and heater along with the added benefits of machine movement and self-containment, shows beyond a doubt that we can triple the number of daily fusions with the McElroy machines.