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 REDUCE WAITING TIME.  INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY. It is essential that we know that throughout the fusion process, the time we use for each joint is directly linked to the cooling procedures. When we meet the times described in the ASTM standards we will be decreasing the overall productivity of the workplace. Therefore, the most practical method of optimizing the fusion process is to reduce this cooling time. Our Datalogger uses an own cooling algorithm with which it is calculated in [...]

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Fusion, through Butt welding operation, the 8 most usual mistakes.

Fusion through Butt welding operation in polyethylene high density pipes (HDPE) it is based on a union throughout two surfaces, which are heated due to the application of a specific heat temperature, from that point a precise pressure it is implemented till both surfaces finally get fused. The heat changes the plastic molecular structure, from the crystalline state to a shapeless state, so when the pressure it is performed produces the mixture of these molecules. With the cooling, the molecules [...]

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Socket welding, the fusion by plug the plastic pipes each other.

The Socket welding process, which is known as poly-fusion, snap-in welding and embossing fusion too,  consists in using a kind of  female/male welding matrices, which gets heated at the same time, in the inside and the outside part of the fitting , the inside and the outside part and the pipe, so when they are hot they could be joined using the pressure. In other words, the socket welding it is performed by snapping in the inside pipe the fitting, [...]

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Real solutions for the 5 trillion pieces plastics that currently littler our oceans

   There are currently over 5 trillion pieces of plastic our oceans. Ocean currents gather plastic trash basically in 5 main patches around our oceans, largest one between Hawaii and California, at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.   This is an actual serious environmental problem, which is starting to affect our ecosystems, our own health and economies. If we don’t do anything, situation can get even worst. Solving the problem will require closing the source and cleaning up what is [...]

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Want to triplicate Your Daily Welding Output?

Last post, we discussed various fusion standards and how the ISO High Force standard in particular — an option that is achievable with McElroy equipment — can produce twice as many fusion welds per day with less cooling time required. Today, we would like to highlight the McElroy machine features that make the large-diameter pipe fusion process even more productive. These special features allow us to produce three times as many fusion welds a day as other machines using the ISO [...]

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Want to Double Your Daily Welding Output?

If you wish to double your daily welding, we will explain how. With this machine we can weld the double welding of 250mm pipe lines daily. Over the years as HDPE has been installed in pipelines worldwide there have been numerous welding standards created, almost one for each country, for example UNE, UNI, DVS, WIS, ANSI, ASTM. The ISO standards were created in an effort to harmonize the various standards and create one set that would encompass the best procedures and [...]

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Aquaculture is the farming of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae in “more or less controlled” conditions. It constitutes one of the few industrial activities developed by the man who is integrated in the environment from the higher and most exquisite of respects helping, not in only few occasions, to its regeneration. This “young” activity started to be developed in the environment which is better dominated by the man: the LAND. But with the pass of time, the logical tendency has been [...]

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10 Inconvénients ou limitations des tuyaux en PE

J’écris cet article à la demande d’une observation faite sur : 10 Avantages remarquables sur les tuyaux en polyéthylène (PE) et qui à mon avis peuvent être les indiqués ci-dessous , mais desquels sûrement vous en changeriez quelques uns. […]

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Corrosion en réseaux d'eau potable

La grande faiblesse des tuyaux métalliques c’est la corrosion, chose qui est impossible de prévoir la plupart des fois. Présentation La corrosion est la cause principale de l’échec des tuyaux dans le monde entier. La corrosion c’est une réaction chimique (oxydo-réduction) dans laquelle interviennent 3 facteurs : le tuyau, l’environnement, l’eau et aussi grâce à une réaction électrochimique. Les facteurs plus connus sont des altérations chimiques des métaux dans l’air, comme la rouille du fer et de l’acier, ou la formation de [...]

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Gide techniques de CEDEX sur les tuyaux d'alimentation et de drainage

Dans l’histoire loin au temps dans le que les réglementations de l’administration sur les tuyaux d’approvisionnement et d’assainissement de populations, c’ est les Spécifications générales de conditions facultatives de tuyaux d’adduction d’eau en 1963 à l’époque MOPU, rédigé par une commission constituée spécialement en 1959  et sur un effet marqué sur le même jusqu’au 31 Décembre 1965,même si, en réponse aux observations reçues et l’opportunité d’un révision plus large du document, ont été proposées des extensions à sa validité. […]

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