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Sea transport of PE pipes of huge lengths and diameters

It was 1990 and in June Uponor, which had bought Resiplast, invited to some technicians to visit its Company situated in Stathelle in the south of Norway which manufactures pipes in huge length and diameters, that exit directly to the fjord that were next to them and where they were “stored” for their following transport towed by a ship to other countries like UK, Ukraine or Brazil. […]

Diffusers and other elements of the PE underwater pipelines

Floating with the help of the “stinger” Such method used a ship (or a pontoon) with an extensible ramp (“stinger”) in an “S” shape. The “stinger” is adjusted to the depth of the seabed, so it is placed the closer to the seabed and it is useful to discharge the sections of the pipe up to the seabed. […]

Tow and flood of an underwater pipeline with PE pipes

During the transport operations (tow) of the sections and, especially, in the phase of flood, it is recommended not to subject the pipes to radius of curvature proximal to the critical radius and reduce at the minimum possible in which the determined section of the pipe is required to determined forces (dent). The pipe must be subjected under air pressure during the tow up to the anchorage point and flood. […]

Construction of underwater pipelines with polyethylene pipes (PE)

The treated wastewaters are normally directed towards the discharge area of the receiving environment at a certain depth and distance from the coast. An outlet of deep water will facilitate an excellent dilution of the wastewaters. The depth of the outlet will vary in an interval of 10-60 m, depending on the self-purification capacity of the receiving environment. The receiving environment can be a river, a lake or the sea. […]

Introduction to the underwater pipelines with polyethylene pipes (PE)

The “Flexible” underwater pipelines are subaquatic pipes, generally of big diameter and length, which work under pressure and are used for the final conduction of wastewaters previously treated, for the conduction of salt water (brine) and also like a means of seawater collection (outlet). […]

Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure. AMI Conferences, April 2013 in Düsseldorf

Organized by AMI (Applied Market Information Ltd.) was held in Dusseldorf from 9th to 11th of April 2013. The Conferences given treated the following subjects: -Market trends -Session 1: Installation techniques […]