Instantly install all types of pipes, ducts and conduits rolled with our LineTamer. With this machine you can install whole coils of pipe with a minimum of two fusion joints. This machine straightens and rounds the rolled pipes to meet the ovality requirements of ASTM D2513. Get eliminated the set of coils for fast installations in your workplace. The 3 “to 6” IPS LineTamer comes equipped with 4 “to 6” rounding rollers. We also have the optional 3 “to 4” rounding rollers and the unit is powered by hydraulic controls to facilitate operation.

With the 2 “LineTamer IPS version you can straighten and redirect 2” tubes and ducts quickly with minimal feedback. The ball thrust bearings facilitate the adjustment of the roller to remove the set of the coil in the tube to straighten it.


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Highlighted substitution parts and accessories

Hydraulic Power Unit

HPU for 3″ – 6″ LineTamer. Gasoline or Diesel.

3″ – 4″ Re-round Roller Kit

Required for re-rounding 3″ – 4″ IPS pipe. Includes 2 re-round rollers and stop plates.

Tandem Hydraulic Power Unit

Tandem gasoline HPU for SweetWater Metal Products self-loading trailer.


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