13a1) DRIVEN DRILLING. At present it is being used horizontal driven drilling with PE pipes up to 1200 mm diameter and over. It is ideal to overcome obstacles and existing services.  It allows junctions at different depths always working in the surface. It is used for any type of service.

Trenchless Technologies include:

  • Technologies for Pipeline and Location Inspection, through advance robotic methods.
  • Pipeline Installation Technologies: Driven Drilling, Tubing, Pipe Jacking, Pipe Push, etc.
  • Technologies for Sealing and Pipeline Repair, with a wide range in customized and general solutions.
  • Also, Trenchless Technologies further comprise the Design of New Pipelines and Engineering systems for its execution.

13b2) SIMPLE TUBING (Relining). It is performed in PE or PP pipes for application with or without pressure.

3) TIGHT TUBING reduced at work. It is performed in PE pipes for applications with or without pressure.


  • Rehabilitation

It consists in the maintenance or improvement of the existing pipeline status.

  • Renovation

Works for improving the functional characteristics of existing pipeline, respecting its original either partial or complete structure.

  • Repair

Local damage correction.

  • Replacement

Rehabilitation of existing pipeline system by installing a new pipeline system, regardless the original structure.


4) TIGHT TUBING reduced in the Factory. It is performed in PE or PVC pipes for with or without pressure applications.

5) DISCRETE PIPE TUBING. It is performed in PE,PP or PVC for without pressure applications.

 The UNE-EN ISO 11295 standard indicates the existing renewal techniques.
6)  BURSTING. It is used in PE pipes for with or without pressure applications.

In addition the mentioned scheme techniques, there are others, perhaps not as specific, on plastic pipes, such as:

  • CONTINUOUS TUBING WITH PIPE CURED AT WORK. It is performed with a special compound for with or without pressure applications.
  • HOSES INTEGRATION TUBING. It is performed with reinforced PE for pressure applications.
  • TUBING WITH HELICALLY SHAPED PIPES. The used material is PVC and for without pressure applications.

Reference standards:
–  UNE-EN ISO 11295:2011
Classification and information on design of plastics piping systems used for renovation.
–  UNE-EN 15885:2011
Classification and performance characteristics of techniques for renovation and repair of drains and sewers.
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