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Conditions for the installation of plastic drainage pipes

Conditions for the installation The plastic drainage pipes allow a quick and simple installation due to their lightness and flexibility. The supply in rolls and the bars of 6 m facilitate the handle and installation. […]

Plastics piping Systems in Polyethylene (PE) for the supply of gaseous fuels

In the 60s of XX century, plastic pipes had begun to be introduced in some areas of Catalonia and Andalusia using rigid PVC pipes. At that time natural gas was still not and gas distributed (“city” gas or “manufactured”) it was locally manufactured from petroleum and in some cases still from coal. […]

Why using Trenchless Technologies (NO-DIG) with plastic pipes. IbSTT

Pipes, as well as building facades, need to be rehabilitated within a few years. Between 25% and 40% of existing pipeline networks in Europe need to be rehabilitated, to avoid causing damage to human life and environment. […]

Polyethylene (PE) as pressure pipe material. Its classification

In recent times, the importante of Polyethylene (PE) plastic pipes in the design of public networks, private and industrial water supply, sanitation and gas pressure has considerably increased. This trend confirms the confidence in the PE as pipe material, mainly due to increased knowledge and experience about it which actually  exists worldwide. […]

Jointing of large bore pipes. Electrofusion Couplers and Branch Saddles

In the AMI seminar, FRIATEC (www.friatec.com) introduced a new generation of electrofusion fittings Frialen –XL for PE pipe joining large diameter up to 1200mm which solves the Ovality problem and outer diameter Tolerances, that are important in these dimensions, through flexible electrofusion couplers. […]

PE100-RD: A New Generation, resistant to disinfectants, is Born

Black Hostalen CRP100-RD is a high density polyethylene and it is designed to meet the technical requirements for new drinking water systems. This material has got an improved resistance against disinfectants and provides excellent resistance to stress cracks combined with good long term hydrostatic resitance. […]

Calculus of impulsions, aspiration and dimensioning of plastic pipes

• Impulsions When it is necessary to lift the water to a deposit placed in a higher level Hg (geometric height) and it is different from the one which takes the water, it is necessary to use pumps (A) which make is flow through the pipe which will work under pressure. […]

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Introduction to hydraulic pressure plastic pipe calculations

Static pressure and piezometric In the previous picture it has been represented a deposit E with its corresponding AB pipes which has a valve in its lower end B. The line EF is the load platform or STATIC CHARGE LINE and we will see the following 3 cases: […]

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More about Aquaculture, Fish Farms and Marine Farms with PE pipes

STRUCTURES USED IN SHELTERED AREAS The first farms in the sea (or “off the land”) were installed in sheltered areas (fiords, coves, lakes), safe from the hard conditions which prevail in open sea. […]

Aquaculture, Fish farms and Marine Farms with PE pipes

Aquaculture is the farming of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae in “more or less controlled” conditions. It constitutes one of the few industrial activities developed by the man who is integrated in the environment from the higher and most exquisite of respects helping, not in only few occasions, to its regeneration. […]