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Outlet Fusions: Get it right the first time with the McElroy Hornet™

Performing outlet fusions by hand is not that easy. Some may try, but many fail. Fortunately, if you are experiencing leaks in poorly executed saddle fusions done by hand, you are in luck with the McElroy Hornet. The Hornet is a lifesaver on repair jobs, but if you would rather have precise outlet fusions the first time, the Hornet is your best choice for quick, accurate outlet fusion. The Hornet is an industry-first, all-in-one tool for polypropylene outlet [...]

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Pressure test, Now in your datalogger

Up until now, most pressure tests done in the field have either been monitored and recorded manually or have used antiquated technologies. But there’s an easier and better way to conduct pressure tests on your fused pipelines and it’s available only on the McElroy DataLogger 6. The DataLogger 6 now offers a guided workflow to document the details of your pressure tests along with a digital graph of the process. These test reports will also be stored along with all [...]

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Butt welding machines. High-pressure system

In the post 3 Systems of butt welding according ISO 21307, we showed the differences that there are between them, and even we calculated the butt welding parameters of a pipe of PE100 DN 500 SDR 11, and we concluded that the system that needs less time to perform the welding is the high-pressure system, that’s why we consider it the best system to optimize the performance of an installation of PE pipes of big diameters, equal or higher to DN [...]

3 Butt fusion procedures according ISO 21307

  The introduction of the standard ISO 21307 says: With the increasing use of bimodal polyethylene (PE) materials such as PE 80 and PE 100, more and more PE compounds are appearing on the pipe market accompanied by proposals for butt fusion procedures that often differ for the same materials. […]