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Plastic Pipes Welding, is a company founded dedicated to sales, repair, and rental of welding machinery for thermoplastic pipes; HDPE, PP-R…

Inside our wide range of machines, you will find manually, hydraulic, self-contained, moveable trolley machines, and all terrain self-propelled machines.

Our facilities in the zone, allow us to provide a close care service, to the customer and better understand which their concerns are, problems, and the sector requirements in Middle East.

Furthermore, our Middle East staff will collaborate closely with our European team, which is a well-trained team with more than twenty years of experience in this industrial segment, people totally competent that will guidance and advice our customers, in which is the better option for them anytime.



We have a warehouse in Dubai, which permit us have a new machines on stock available for the sale, and a huge number of machines dedicate to engaged to be rent.

Our warehouse is located in a strategic place, that will make easy the Middle East machine distribution.
Having a proper distribution point in the zone allow us to provide a shortest delivery date in the machines submission, whether new or rental machines.



Our Middle East team ,is integrated by professionals that well know the region particularities .

Whom are in straight collaboration with our European commercial team, a totally consolidated team with a leading head manager company for more than forty years, who is dedicate to the pipe welding branch industry, join together with our staff of more than 20 years of experience .

This range of factors, will let us to know the our customers issues and needs,

understanding them, and consequently been able to provide the best option advice, according to each moment.

What our customer value most is the service after-sales that we provide. We believe that the customers relationship truly starts after their machine purchase.

Due to that reason we stay at their side , attending and guide him in each moment , trying to solve all the problems that could occur in a quick and efficient way.


McElroy official distributor

We are the official distributors of the McElroy brand in Middle east.

McElroy is a big company, leader brand in the machinery industry sector, for welding and pipes installation, and due to that we can offer a huge inventory of machines for butt welding, so we have available machines with a diameter up to 2000mm, socket machines, banking machines or machines to take to the working place, that will ease greatly the welds until 125mm diameter.

Be the distributor of a such significant brand worldwide, signifies that we could be confident of counting with the support and assistance that a great company provides, but at the same time makes that we have a great responsibility in our hands.

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